My mind is an Omnimax.

The fly fishing instructor made me hold

a dollar between my elbow and my ribs.

Rainbow trout actually exist.

The photography instructor pins the prints together and squints.

The hole left makes the print a practice.

In the plastic carousel, stale vacations await.

Other carousels dizzy kids.

Satan sculpted all the sugar I ever ate into another me.

Closed my eyes to see him more clearly.

Fiskars makes my favorite scissors.

Everything I remember of Arizona fits in a Viewfinder.

I don’t remember Dad being there. He was.

Our ice cream melted nearly instantly.

Red thumbtacks I experienced intensely.

My experience of a popsicle is really

your experience of another popsicle.

My college photographs became me.

Photoshop stopped my glossy heart.

There isn’t anything like a stream.

The trick really is in the wrist.

Dad pulled the fishhook from my thumb.

My mind puts it back in.